Punchdrunk International

Creators of the Global Phenomenon 'Sleep No More'

Punchdrunk International bring new forms of theatre to audiences around the world. Led by Felix Barrett and the Punchdrunk creative team, the company produces a selection of Punchdrunk’s ground-breaking commercial projects and forges innovative partnerships with selected organisations.

In Shanghai, Punchdrunk International will soon celebrate the one year anniversary of the production Sleep No More. Re-imagined for Chinese audiences, it broke all box office records when it opened, becoming the fastest selling production in the city. It has become a trail blazer for British theatre finding success in new territories.

Alongside theatrical works, Punchdrunk International has created award winning experiences in digital environments. Through an exclusive relationship with Samsung Electronics America the company has created unique VR experiences including Believe Your Eyes, winner of a Silver Lion in the entertainment category at Cannes 2017. It recently completed a sell-out run at the Phi Centre, Montreal.

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Punchdrunk's The Drowned Man. Photo by Julian Abrams.

Punchdrunk's The Drowned Man. Photo by Julian Abrams.