Jon Braver

Director, Delusion

The Original Interactive Horror Theatre Experience

From fighting Iron Man, chasing Indiana Jones and eluding The Dark Knight to creating one of the world's premiere interactive theatre productions, Jon's career runs an exciting path. Working with some of the top film directors in the business has helped shape Jon's unusual range of talent and keen ability to deliver a unique vision. This, along with his love for the fantastical, culminates in his wildly successful and ground-breaking interactive theatre production Delusion. For five years and running, Delusio has captivated sold out audiences worldwide, transforming them into characters inside a living breathing dark world of epic immersive storytelling. And now, with his new partners at Skybound Entertainment Jon works to evolve the Delusion Universe into other mediums; their first collaboration being a VR adaptation of his 2014 play Delusion: Lies Within (due out early 2018).

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