Colin Nightingale

Creative Producer, Punchdrunk International

Creators of the Global Phenomenon 'Sleep No More'

Colin's involvement with Punchdrunk began when he discovered the company's first project in London, Chair (2002) and was invited to get involved. Since then, his creative approach to production management and producing have become an integral part of the company, helping to bring about all major UK projects since Woyzeck (2004) including The Firebird Ball (2005), Faust (2006), The Masque of the Red Death (2007), The Duchess of Malfi (2010) and The Drowned Man: A Hollywood Fable (2013). As Senior Producer, he successfully managed the creation of the company's first international project Sleep No More (2009) in Boston and its transfer to NYC (2011). This included a collaboration with MediaLab, MIT to explore an online/digital experience that was embedded for a limited time in the New York production. In 2013 he produced The Borough, an individual audio theatrical experience on the streets of Aldebrugh, Suffolk. Along with producing work he has been a co-creator on various Punchdrunk projects including Tunnel 228 (2009) in conjunction with the Old Vic Theatre and a specially commissioned one-off experience at the mysterious Vescovo medical centre with rock musician Jack White (2014).

In 2008 he was also involved in establishing the Hide & Seek Social Gaming Festival in London and from 2004-2007 he was the Senior Producer for Greenwich & Docklands International Festival working on over 50 large scale outdoor theatrical spectacles and live events.

Most recently he has been helping plan major new Punchdrunk projects. This includes working on Sleep No More in Shanghai and on Kabeiroi, a 6 hour experience that takes place across London for two audience members at a time.

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